Frequent questions

Are you a full time photographer? Yes, I have been professional since 2001.

When do we receive the photos? I will have them ready to deliver 2 weeks after your wedding.

Is it you doing the photos? Yes, unless we agree we need 2 photographers to get the best coverage of your day.

Do you shoot Video? I can do, but it would require a second photographer. I would not want to jeopardise the quality and focus on the stills to grab video footage. Everything happens so quickly.

Do you carry back up camera’s? Yes, and different lenses for different purposes.

Do you have back up photographer’s? Yes I know 4 photographers who could cover an emergency, (though luckily, I have never needed to ask them).

Do you visit the locations? If I have never been there before and is not too far away, I will visit to get my bearings. I have used a lot of local venues now, so is not always necessary.

What if it rains? The show goes on. I’ve worked in all weathers, you just get a different style of photo. It can add atmosphere to the style and circumstances.

Do we need to meet? I definitely like to meet if possible. This can be at the initial enquiry, or just before the day. Although, if it is difficult to do so, don’t worry, you can relax in that I have lots of experience. I am able to easily and quickly get to know you and to be sensitive to your needs and in a short time before we start the photography.

Do you do pre wedding shoots? Yes, I can do this, but this would be treated as a seperate assignment.

Do you supply albums? No, I like giving lots of large 7X5 prints of 'the story'. I can for an extra fee of £250 design and print one for you. Though, as you have the DVD of images, you can make a digital coffeetable book for a very good price online.